Saturday, April 3, 2010

March 29

Today's adventure involved microbuses, those vans that are used primarily for public transportation in Xela.

We decided to be smart, so we went over to Parque Calvario, which is only a short walk from our guest house, to find a microbus heading towards Parque Benito Juarez. After find one, we soon found ourselves at our destination.

After having lunch at Pollo Campero (They're having some great promotions right now. Each day there's a different special for only Q20-Q25), we walked over to Mont Blanc. I needed some cash and the ATM's at Mont Blanc are regarded a very secure, since the building is locked up each night and crooks can't sneak in and attach devices to the to steal card numbers, as can happen in unsecured sites. We also picked up a few things we needed at the Paiz Super Mercado that is located there. We also spent some time looking for crutch tips for Joan (owner of the B&B we stayed at on Lake Atitlán), but didn't find any.

Ready to head back to the guest house, we didn't find any microbuses heading for Parque Calvario at the last place we had taken one. We then walked over to Parque Benito Juarez and couldn't find any heading for Parque Calvario. To make a long story short, we never found a microbus heading to Parque Calvario. Instead, we decided to settle for a microbus going to Parque Central, which we knew we could find. After a short walk from there, we managed to make it back to the guest house.

Later that evening, we heard music and left the guest house to find another small procession coming from Parque Calvario. It's amazing to see what intensity these Guatemalans put into celebrating Semana Santa. In La Antigua, you can attribute it to tourism, but here in Xela, they are doing this primarily for themselves.