Saturday, April 3, 2010

March 30

Today we are going to find crutch tips. Late last week, I had emailed Tom (Xelapages) to ask if he new where we could find them. He was at the beach with his family over the weekend, but, on Monday after he returned to Xela, he wrote to let us know that he would find out for us.

We walked over to Xelapages, which is across from Parque Calvario, to get our directions and then took a microbus to Parque Benito Juarez. After lunch, we started waking toward the medical supply store, which is near the hospital in Zona 3.

We had a map, actually about four maps, but soon got turned around. Streets in Xela, as in La Antigua, often lack street signs, so it's somewhat difficult to know where you are at times or how to get where we want to be.

Nevertheless, we did find the medical supply store and purchased the crutch tips for only Q30 ($3.60) and it only took us about three hours to do it. Our mission accomplished, we walked back to Mont Blanc, to pick up some things at the Paiz Super Mercado and decided that we would walk back to the guest house. We had done it before and, belive it or not, actually knew how to get there.

On the way, however, we sidetracked to stop at the Bake Shop, the Mennonite bakery that is only open on Tuesday and Friday. We picked up some more cheddar cheese, as this is about the only place in Xela to buy it.

The route back to our guest house brought us to Parque Calvario, so we stopped by Xelapages to let Tom know that we had been successful in our mission. We then went back to the guest house.

This evening, while working on our computers, we heard music. Rushing to the front gate of our guest house, we discovered another procession passing down our street. This was indeed a bonus, as we didn't have to track it down.