Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Approach

Now that we are in Xela, we're not running around as much. I'm therefore going to change how I'm blogging and only report new and interesting things that are happening to us.

After all, we're getting up at about the same time each morning (7:00 a.m.), having breakfast (usually oatmeal) and work on our computers until about 10:00-noon. I'm still doing a daily job search (applied for two more this week) and am working on a grant proposal and letters of inquiry (requesting the opportunity to submit a proposal) for funding for Primeros Pasos. After this coming week (Semana Santa - Holy Week), I will probably be doing some computer work for Entremundos, a local non-profit that works with other local non-profits, and that could lead to doing similar computer work with some of their affiliate non-profits.

Rest assured, there are still going to be plenty of adventures, but I've had it with reporting the daily life routine, since for the next five weeks we are "living" in Xela, not just visiting here.